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Pakistan: Economic loss $107 billion: compensation $49.95 billion

(By Mehtab Haider, 05/11/15): One may believe it or not but it is a fact that Pakistan has received only $708 million net transfers on annual basis in the shape of foreign loans and grants from all multilateral and bilateral creditors during the last 15 years under both military and democratic regimes. At a time when Islamabad is facing pressures on nuclear programme and other issues, the policymakers can make the US and its western allies realise that Islamabad had ... Read More »

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Euro Bonds: Govt under fire over reckless borrowing at high rates

(6 October 2015): Joining the ranks of others in criticising the government in its decision to raise $500 million through the Eurobond issue, All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) President Ibrahim Qureshi has said the high mark-up rate would further plunge the country in expensive debt. He further said the current government has acquired a loan of about $3.5 billion by launching Eurobonds at excessive mark-up rate of 8.25 on average in just two years. Qureshi said that the recent move was surprising ... Read More »

Debt Limitation Act: 10 years on – where does Pakistan stand?

By Tehreem Husain (September 28, 2015) The question of debt has been around for some time. The importance of debt towards economic growth, monetary and financial stability has received great attention after the onset of the global financial crisis. The financial crisis also prompted research into the history of debt –London School of Economics anthropologist David Graeber has written a thick book, ‘Debt: The First 5,000 Years’, presenting the thesis that even early humans belonging to agrarian empires used elaborate ... Read More »

Call for parliamentary debt audit commission

Islamabad: (September 17, 2015) Pakistan’s economy has been paralysed by an unpayable and largely unjust debt burden that is preventing the country from reaching its poverty goals and hindering the development of democracy, says a paper launched by Islamic Relief Pakistan here on Wednesday during a conference on Pakistan’s national debt. The event was attended by members of parliament, diplomats, members of civil society, academia and media. Islamic Relief, a relief and development organization, has been running a campaign ‘Unlocking the ... Read More »

MNA proposes to establish ‘Debt Audit Commission’

ISLAMABAD (APP): Speakers at a conference on Wednesday (16 Sept 2015) proposed to establish an independent “Debt Audit Commission” for deciding legitimacy of debts acquired by successive governments. Speaking at a “Conference on Pakistan’s National Debt” organized by the Islamic Relief Pakistan here, they said legislation should be made to give the commission legal cover. Member of the National Assembly Rumesh Kumar said that every government should focus to decrease debt and the country could get rid of this menace ... Read More »

UN votes on Sovereign Debt Restructuring

The UN General Assembly on 9 september 2015 adopted the resolution on sovereign debt restructuring that would establish an intergovernmental negotiation process aimed at increasing the efficiency, stability and predictability of the international financial system. With 124 votes in favour, 11 votes against and 41 abstentions, the Assembly adopted “Towards the establishment of a multilateral legal framework for sovereign debt restructuring processes” (document A/68/L.57/Rev.1). Introducing the draft resolution, Sacha Sergio Llorentty Solíz (Bolivia), speaking for the “Group of 77” developing countries and China, ... Read More »

Illegal trade at Torkham border: Pakistan loses Rs.5-6bn a month

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was informed on Tuesday that the national kitty was being deprived of Rs5 to 6 billion per month due to undocumented economy at the Torkham border, Bara and the hawala/hundi market. A report submitted by Additional Advocate General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Omer Farouk Adam, a member of the four-man commission appointed by the Supreme Court on Aug 21 to check illegal border crossing into Pakistan from Torkham, claimed that the ready to use SIMs were bought ... Read More »

Should Greece Pay Back Its Debt?

By Ozlem Onaran ( 23 April 2015) Financial speculators are nervously asking whether Greece will pay its debt or default. Political leaders from Europe to the US and the IMF are telling the Greek government to leave aside its democratic mandate and accept further austerity as a condition for getting credit to continue to pay back its debt. But the right question politically is: should Greece pay this debt.? On 4 April the President of the Hellenic Parliament, Zoe Konstantopoulou, set up ... Read More »

Debt and austerity imposed on Greece violate the Human Rights

Written statement submitted by Centre Europe – Tiers Monde at the 30th session of the Council for Human Rights, A / HRC / 30 / NGO / 18, September 2, 2015. This statement was prepared in collaboration with the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM) Since May 2010, Greece has been in structural adjustment. |1| To obtain loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), 14 member States of the Eurozone “represented” by the European Commission, and the European Financial Stability Facility ... Read More »