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Trade Justice

Free trade pacts: contempt for citizens, sovereignty for MNCs

By Robert Joumard (8 January 2016) They are called TAFTA, TiSA, TTIP, TTP, CETA – and many other names beside. Everything is done so that nobody understands anything and so that citizens will not be interested. For greater clarity, here we are summing up the very numerous partial analyses that are available, as well as some of our own insights into the different proposals for ‘free trade’ agreements. To put it more precisely, for business freedoms, the best known treaty being the ... Read More »

Illegal trade at Torkham border: Pakistan loses Rs.5-6bn a month

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was informed on Tuesday that the national kitty was being deprived of Rs5 to 6 billion per month due to undocumented economy at the Torkham border, Bara and the hawala/hundi market. A report submitted by Additional Advocate General of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Omer Farouk Adam, a member of the four-man commission appointed by the Supreme Court on Aug 21 to check illegal border crossing into Pakistan from Torkham, claimed that the ready to use SIMs were bought ... Read More »

What’s wrong with the Global Trade System?

Unequal Partners: rich countries abuse the system and bully poorer countries into agreeing to rules which favour the rich. The benefits of trade will only reach the poor – at home and in the developing world – if international trade rules are deliberately weighted in favour of poor people and the environment. While international trade is worth $10 million a minute, poor countries only account for 0.4% of this trade – half the share they had in 1980. The so-called ... Read More »

Slave Trade: Call for reparations

Leaders of Caribbean nations have unanimously adopted a broad plan on seeking reparations from European nations for the lingering ill-effects of the ­Atlantic slave trade. A UK human rights law firm hired by the Caribbean Community group of nations said that prime ministers had authorized a ten-point plan that would seek a formal apology and debt cancellation from former colonial powers such as Britain, France and the Netherlands. The decision came at a closed meeting in St Vincent & the ... Read More »

Stop corporate take over of democracy!

By Nick Dearden/ David Cameron’s take on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the biggest trade deal in history, which is being negotiated in Brussels this week between US and EU representatives. TTIP is one of Cameron’s main objectives over the next two years. He calls it a “once-in-a-generation prize” which he’s “determined to seize”. For European and American big business, TTIP is indeed a “once in a generation prize”. But forget about jobs and growth. Those figures have been ... Read More »