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About ISEJ

ISEJ campaigns against the root causes of poverty and inequality. We are a registered organization. We undertake robust research on socio-economic issues and co-ordinate hard-hitting campaigns that challenge the powerful and seek to bring about social and economic justice for the poor of Pakistan.

To us poverty is not inevitable. It’s a result of government policies, economic structures and corporate behavior. As citizens of Pakistan, we take our responsibility seriously to try and change the structures and policies. . . . Read More

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Title IFIs and Debt Politics Front

IFIs and Debt Politics Front

Title Large karzoo ka audit kasay kia jay

آئیے! قرضوں کی انکوائری شروع کریں

Title Cadtm-striving-for-debt-and-economic-justice 350

Striving for Debt & Economic Justice

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