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  • Global Week of Action for Debt Cancellation 2022

    Protest demonstration, organised under the banner of WISE (Women in Struggle for Empowerment) and WMW (World March of Women), on 14th Oct 2022, in front of Lahore Press Club

  • Drop Pakistan Debt to Combat Floods

    The unprecedented floods 2022 have caused huge loss to the economy approximately US$10 billion. Overall, a third of Pakistan under water. Yet the country's external debts and payments make it almost impossible for the government to focus on relief and rehabilitation of its people affected by the devastating floods.

  • Global Week of Action for the Cancellation of Debts 2020

    Demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club, 16 October 2020

  • Unlocking the Chains of Debt

    Launching of the report" Pakistan - A case for Debt Cancellation", September 2015, Islamabad

  • Volunteers for Debt Justice

    Campaigning for Debt Justice - Training of Volunteers, May 2015, Lahore

  • Consultation with civil society

    civil society consultation on debt , 28 May 2015, Lahore

  • Training Workshop

    Journalists Training Workshop on Debt, April 2015, Islamabad

  • Seminar On Debt

    Seminar on Debt, June 2015, Centre for Public Policy & Governance, FC College, Lahore,

  • Consultation with Lawyers

    Public Debt - Impacts on State on Society, May 2015, Lahore

  • Seminar on Debt

    "Public Debt - Impacts on State & Society", May 2015, International Islamic University, Islambad

  • Anti-Debt Rally,

    Civil society Rally in front of Parliament House, Oct 2010, Islamabad

  • Demanding Debt Audit Commission

    CADTM-Pakistan press conference, Oct 2010, Lahore Press Club

  • Debt Cancellation Rally 2010

    Civil society organisations rally for Pakistan Debt cancellation, Islamabad

  • We do'nt Owe - We do'nt Pay!

    Protest demo against debt domination, Oct 2009, Lahore

  • Global Week of Action 2009

    Press Conference on IFIs, October 2009, Lahore Press Club, Lahore

  • Global Week of Action 2008

    Civi society demo against IFIs, October 2008, Lahore

About Us

Institute for Social & Economic Justice (ISEJ) is not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, registered under Societies Act 1860. It is made up of activists and ordinary folk who stand up against injustice. We undertake robust research on socio-economic issues and co-ordinate hard-hitting campaigns that challenge the powerful and seek to bring about social and economic justice for the poor of Pakistan. Our main areas of work include; privatization, public debt, tax and economic justice. We put pressure on decision-makers, organize public opposition to anti-people policies, and produce action researches, to present alternatives to corporate-led globalization and IFIs-led financial structures.

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