Peace rally against war hysteria in Pakistan

CADTM-Pakistan Report/

(Dec 31, 2008)

The busy Mall Road of Lahore (Pakistan) was all flooded with red flags on Wednesday (Dec 31, 2008) as hundreds of women, children and peace-loving citizens participated in a peace rally, jointly organized by Labor Party Pakistan, CADTM-Pakistan, WWHL, LEF and National Trade Union Federation.

The purpose of the rally was to highlight the necessity of Peace in the backdrop of rising tension in the South Asian region, especially between Pakistan and India as well as recent Israeli bombing on Gaza. This was the first peace rally in Pakistan by any group against war hysteria prevailing in Pakistan and India after the terrorist attacks on Mumbai.

Around 500 participated in the rally representing women workers, students, factory workers and political and social activists. Women carrying their small children and workers taking off from their jobs on a working day participated in the rally with great enthusiasm and resolve against the war hysteria. Participants also gave a sit-in in front of the Punjab Assembly at Chairing Cross in the end of rally.

The rally was started from Regal Chowk at 2.00 pm and it took one hour to reach the Charring Cross, in front of Punjab Provincial Assembly. The participants of the rally were holding placards and banners, inscribed with slogans in favor of peace. They were also raising full throat slogans against US imperialism, religious fanaticism and marshal-minded forces. Some people passing by on the Mall also joined the rally.

Bushra Khaliq, general secretary Women Workers Help Line and Yousuf Baloach chairperson National Trade Union Federation spoke at the end of the rally. They reiterated the working class resolves against the war and urged both India and Pakistan governments to refrain from the war. The rally was peacefully terminated after one and half hour demonstration.


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